MARK'S GUN SHOP, 1604 Cleveland Street, Altus, Oklahoma 73521
MARK'S GUN SHOP, 1604 Cleveland Street, Altus, Oklahoma 73521


Centerfire, Rimfire And Shotshell Gauges Available Please Call For Availability.

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Brown Bear 7.62 x 39mm 123-Grain Hollow Point (HP) Ammo.

Brown Bear Ammunition 7.62 x 39m m 123-Grain Hollow-Point (H.P.) St- eel Case Twenty (20)-Cartridges Per Box "In Stock!" $20.00

Cor-Bon .300 AAC Blackout 150-Grain F.M.J. Ammunition

Cor-Bon Ammunition .300 AAC Bla ckout 150-Grain Full Metal Jacketed (F.M.J.) Rifle Ammunition Twenty (20)-Rounds Per Box                        "In Stock!"  $55.00

Hornady Varmint Express .22-250 Rem. 55-Grain Ammo.

Hornady Varmint Express Ammunit ion .22-250 Remington 55-Grain V- MAX Bullets Rifle Ammunition Twe nty (20)-Cartridges Per Box "In Stock!"  $65.00

HSM American Cowboy .45 Long Colt 200-Grain LFP Ammo.

HSM American Cowboy Ammunitio n .45 Long Colt (.45 Colt)  200-Grai n Lead Flat Point (L.F.P.)  Fifty (50)-Cartridges Per Box "In Stock!" $108.75 With Sales Tax

Freedom Munitions 6.5 Creedmoor 123-Grain HPBT Ammo.

Freedom Munitions 6.5 Creedmoor 123-Grain  Hollow Point Boattail (H PBT) Ammunition Twenty (20)-Rou nds Per Box "In Stock!"  $65.00 Per Box $70.69 With Sales Tax

Freedom Munitions 6.5 Creedmoor 140-Grain SPBT Ammo.

Freedom Munition 6.5 Creedmoor 140-Grain Soft Point Boattail (SPB T) Ammunition Twenty (20)-Roun ds Per Box "In Stock!"  $65.00 Per Box $70.69 With Sales Tax

Freedom .38 S&W Special 158-Grain Flat Point (FP) Ammo.

Freedom Munitions .38 Smith & We sson (S&W) Special 158-Grain Flat - Point (F.P.) Fifty (50)-Cartridges Per Package "In Stock!"  $65.00

Freedom Munitions .243 Winchester 55-Grain PSP Ammo.

Freedom Munitions .243 Wincheste r 55-Grain Pointed Soft Point (P.S.P. ) Rifle Ammunitions Twenty (20)-Ca rtridges Per Box "In Stock! $54.38 Per Box  With Sales Tax

Freedom Munition .9mm Luger 147-Grain J.H.P. Ammunition

Freedom Munition Ammunition .9m m Luger (9 x 19mm) 147-Grain Holl- ow Point (H.P) Ammunition Fifty (5 o)-Rounds Per Box "In Stock!" $65.00

Freedom Munitions .9mm Luger 124-Grain R.N. Ammunition

Freedom Munitions Ammunition .9 mm Luger (9 x 19mm) 124-Grain R- ound Nose (RN) Ammunition Fifty ( 50)-Rounds Per Box "In Stock!"  $50.00 

Freedom Munitions Depredation .308 Win. 125-Grain Ammo.

Freedom Munitions Depredation A mmunition .308 Winchester (7.62 x 51mm) 125-Grain Ballistic Tip Rifle Ammunition Twenty (20)-Rounds P er box "In Stock!"  $54.38 Wit h Sales Tax

Federal Power-Shok .308 Winchester 180-Grain P.S.P. Ammo.

Federal Ammunition Power-Shok .3 08 Winchester ( 7.62 x 51mm ) 180- Grain Pointed Soft Point (P.S.P.) T- wenty (20)-Cartridges Per Box       "In Stock!" $55.00

G2 Research Ammunition .380 Auto. 62-Grain R.I.P. Ammo.

G2 Research Ammunition .380 Aut omatic 62-Grain Radically Invasive Projectile (R.I.P.) Twenty (20)-Rou nds Per Box "In Stock!"  $60.00

PMC Bronze .380 Automatic 90-Grain F.M.J. Ammunition

PMC Bronze Ammunition .380 Aut- omatic 90-Grain Full Metal Jacket ( F.M.J.) Handgun Ammunition Fifty (50)-Cartridges Per Box "In Stock!"  $65.00

PMC Bronze .45 Automatic 230-Grain F.M.J. Ammunition

PMC Bronze Ammunition .45 Auto- matic (.45 ACP) 230-Grain Full Met al Jacketed (F.M.J.) Ammunition Fi fty (50)-Cartridges Per Box            "In Stock!"  $65.00

PMC Bronze .223 Remington 55-Grain F.M.J. Ammunition

PMC Bronze Ammunition .223 Re- mington 55-Grain Full Metal Jacke ted (FMJ) Ammunition Twenty (20 )-Rounds Per Box "In Stock!" $25.00

PMC X-TAC 5.56 x 45mm 55-Grain Full Metal Jacketed Ammo.

PMC X-TAC Ammunition 5.56 x 45- mm 55-Grain Full Metal Jacketed (F MJ) Green Polymer Tipped Ammu- unition Twenty (20)-Rounds Per Bo x "In Stock!" $25.00

Remington Gold Bullet .22 Long Rifle 36-Grain H.P. Ammo.

Remington Golden Bullet Ammunit ion .22 Long Rifle 36-Grain Hollow Point (H.P.) High Velocity Ammun ition 225-Rounds Per Box              "In Stock!"  $100.00 Per Box

PPU .30-30 Winchester 150-170-Grain P.S.P. Rifle Ammunition

PPU Ammunition .30-30 Winchest er 150-Grain & 170-Grain Pointed Soft Point (P.S.P.) Rifle Ammuniti on Twenty (20)-Rounds Per Box  "In Stock!"  $75.00

SAKO .30-06 Springfield 150 & 180-Grain P.S.P. Ammunition

SAKO Hammerhead Ammunition .3 0-06 Springfield 150-Grain And 180 -Grain Pointed Soft Point (PSP) Am munition Twenty (20)-Cartridges Per Box "In Stock!"  $45.00

Sig Sauer .38 Super +P 125-Grain J.H.P. Handgun Ammunition

Sig Sauer Elite Performance Ammu- nition .38 Super +P 125-Grain Jack- eted Hollow Point (J.H.P.) Ammun ition Twenty (20)-Cartridges Per B ox "In Stock!"  $24.99 

Winchester .40 Smith & Wesson 180-Grain FMJ Ammunition

Winchester Ranger Law Enforcem ent Ammunition .40 Smith & Wes son (.40 S&W) 180-Grain Full Me tal Jacketed (FMJ) Centerfire Han dgun Ammunition Fifty (50)-Cart ridges Per Box "In Stock!" $65.00

Winchester Ammunition .45 Automatic 185-Grain F.M.J. Ammo

Winchester Ammunition .45 Auto matic (.45 ACP) 185-Grain Full M- etal Jacket (F.M.J.) Ammunition F ifty (50)-Rounds Per Box             "In Stock!"  $65.00

Winchester Varmint-X .22-250 Remington 38-Grain Ammo.

Winchester Varmint-X Ammunitio n .22-250 Remington 38-Grain Zin c Core Lead Free Rapid Expansion Ammunition Twenty (20)-Rounds Per Box  "In Stock!"  $55.00

Winchester .300 AAC Blackout 150-Grain Extreme Point Ammo.

Winchester Deer Season XP Extre- me Point .300 AAC Blackout 150-G rain Ammunition Twenty (20)-Rou nd Box "In Stock!"  $55.00 Per Box

Winchester M80 7.62 x 51mm Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) Ammo.

Winchester Ammunition 7.62 x 51 mm (.308 Winchester) M80 149-G rain (2790 FPS) Full Metal Jacket Rifle Ammunition "In Stock!"  $35.00 Includes Tax

Winchester Super-X .38-55 Winchester 255-Grain SP Ammo.

Winchester Super-X Ammunition .38-55 Winchester (.38-55 Ballard) 255-Grain Soft Point Ammunition Twenty (20)-Cartridges Per Box  "In Stock!" $65.00 

Winchester Super-X .22 WMR 45-Grain Dynapoint Ammunition

Winchester Super-X Ammunition .22 Winchester  Magnum Rimfire (.22 WMR) 45-Grain Copper Plat ed Dynapoint Bullets; 150-Rounds Per Box  "In Stock"  $55.00

Winchester Super Target 20-Gauge 7.50-Shot Shotshells

Winchester Super Target 20-Gauge 2 3/4-Inches 1200 Feet Per Second 7/8-Ounce 7 1/2-Shot Twenty-Five (25)-Shotshells Per Box "In Stock!" $10.88 Per Box

Most Listed Calibers And Gauges Available "Call For Availabilty"

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