MARK'S GUN SHOP, 1604 Cleveland Street, Altus, Oklahoma 73521
MARK'S GUN SHOP, 1604 Cleveland Street, Altus, Oklahoma 73521


Anderson/KE Arms Complete Parts Kits For Lower Receivers

Anderson Manufacturing AR-15 Com plete Premium Parts Kit For Stripped Lower Receivers With Magpul Origin al Equipment (MOE) Pistol Grip (Im age Not Shown)                                   "In Stock!"  $90.00                                                                                                   KE Arms AR-15 Complete GI Parts K it For Stripped Lower Receivers          "In Stock!" $75.00

ATI MilSport AR Multi-Caliber Stripped Lower Rifle Receiver

American Tactical, Incorporated (ATI ) Model Number MilSport AR-15 Mul ti-Caliber Stripped Lower Semi-Auto matic Receiver "New In Box"       "Special Order!"  $55.00

Anderson AM-15 Multi-Caliber Stripped Lower Rifle Receiver

Anderson Firearms Model Number AM-15 Punisher AR-15 Multi-Calibe r  Stripped Lower Semi-Automatic Receiver "New In Box " "Special Order" $90.00

Bushmaster XM-15 5.56 x 45mm Complete Upper Receiver

Bushmaster Firearms Model Numbe r XM-15 .223 Remington (5.56 x 45 mm) Complete Upper Receiver With Sixteen (16)-Inch Barrel With A2 Fla sh Suppressor 1:8-Inch Right Hand Twist Barrel No Sights "In Stock!" $425.00

KE Arms KE-15 Multi-Caliber AR-15 Complete Lower Receiver

KE Arms, Incorporated Model Num ber KE-15 Multi-Caliber AR-15 Mil -Spec Billet Complete Lower Receiver With Flared Magwell                        "In Stock!"  $450.00

Plum Crazy Multi-Caliber AR-15 Complete Lower Receiver

Plum Crazy Firearms AR-15 Generati on 2 Multi-Caliber Complete Lower Receiver "Special Order!"  $175.00

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Mark Steven McDowell            1604 Cleveland Street
Altus, Oklahoma, 73521-4708


Phone: +1 580-482-8403 +1 580-482-8403

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